Michigan Work Requirements For Medicaid: What You Need To Know

Michigan Medicaid work requirements nixed by Biden administration and why this is a good thing for many of our workers’ comp clients.

Michigan Work Requirements For Medicaid: What You Need To Know

We have blogged about Michigan work requirements for Medicaid on several different occasions. This issue is near and dear to our hearts because so many of the people we represent find themselves unable to get medical treatment. It is a problem when workers’ comp disputes their claim, and they have no other health insurance.


By way of background, Medicaid expansion was passed in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Individuals making up to 138% of the federal poverty level qualified for this health insurance coverage. Over 600,000 people in Michigan received health insurance because of this expansion.

Former Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation in 2018 establishing Michigan work requirements for Medicaid. It required recipients to work 80 hours per month or risk losing this health insurance coverage. The Trump administration approved the work requirement plan and granted a waiver.

The problem with Michigan work requirements for Medicaid

The problem with Michigan work requirements for Medicaid is some disabled employees might not fit into any recognized exception. We saw this potential when a person hurt on-the-job found their workers’ comp benefits disputed. The burden is on the disabled employee to file an Application for Mediation or Hearing and prove their disability. But how would MDHHS view this person’s status under the Medicaid rules?

Medicaid is an important benefit for disabled employees who find their workers’ comp benefits disputed. They can use this health insurance to pay for medical treatment and get the care they need. It also allows them to get medical evidence that their condition is work-related so they can hold the insurance company responsible. If they later receive a workers’ comp settlement or award, Medicaid gets reimbursed.

Federal ruling in March 2020

In March 2020, a federal judge ruled that Michigan work requirements for Medicaid were unlawful. This ruling stopped MDHHS from implementation and enforcement of the work rules. The Biden administration in April 2021 ultimately pulled the plug by rescinding Michigan’s federal waiver.

We recommend that anyone who finds their medical treatment disputed under workers’ comp sign up for Medicaid. This will allow them to get needed medical care and not have to wait for months or years of litigation. It allows them to heal faster and get back to gainful employment.

Medicaid also pays based upon contract rates so any lien that must be paid back from workers’ comp is usually not cost prohibitive. Medicaid will even split a settlement 50/50 if the net amount to the disabled employee is low. This is a much better option than having a doctor run a tab and having a disabled employee owe thousands of dollars they cannot pay back.

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