Workers’ Comp Home Health Care: What You Need To Know

What disabled employees need to know about workers’ comp home health care benefits in Michigan.

Workers' Comp Home Health Care: What You Need To Know

Insurance companies do not always tell people about their legal rights. Michigan workers’ comp home health care is one of those hidden benefits that are frequently overlooked. These services are supposed to help a disabled employee with activities of daily living. Here is some information about what is covered and how to get it paid.

In Michigan, all reasonable and necessary medical care should be covered by the insurance company. This includes workers’ comp home health care sometimes referred to as attendant care. It is designed to help a disabled employee with activities of daily living. Examples include help with dressing, using the bathroom, showering, personal hygiene, meal prep, eating, walking, taking medications, wound care, and supervision.

Why Michigan workers’ comp home health care?

The insurance company is responsible for providing 24/7 professional care if needed. Our experience shows that people do not want strangers in the home and would prefer a family member to assist if possible. Family members can get paid up to 56 hours per week for providing attendant care. This includes spouses, brothers, sisters, children, parents, or any combination of these individuals. A professional can be hired to pick up the difference if more than 56 hours are required.

What do insurance companies pay for Michigan workers’ comp home health care?

Insurance companies are supposed to pay market rates for attendant care. This means a family member should receive the same hourly rate as a professional would charge. The amount paid varies based upon the type of services provided. Skilled nursing tasks should be billed at a higher rate than general assistance.

We recommend getting an estimate from a professional agency and comparing it with data posted by the United States Department of Labor. Watch out for insurance companies who want to pay less than minimum wage. Make sure the amount paid is correct as this can have a dramatic impact on the value of any future settlement. For some of our clients, the amount paid exceeds their weekly comp rate.

How do I make a claim for attendant care?

Making a claim for Michigan workers’ comp home health care is relatively easy. Speak with your doctor and get a written prescription. All tasks performed should be written down on a log that includes the services performed and how long it took. This should be sent to the insurance company for payment on a regular basis.

Insurance companies frequently dispute claims for attendant care. This is because they know how much money typically needs to be paid out. It is important to challenge any decision that limits the number of hours or rate of pay. Speak with an experienced workman’s comp lawyer who can hold the insurance company accountable.

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