Michigan Workers’ Compensation Statute of Limitations Explained

Learn about the Michigan workers’ compensation statute of limitations and why you should never wait to tell your employer about an on-the-job injury. We are frequently asked if workers’ compensation benefits can be collected for on-the-job injuries that occurred many years ago. This came up recently when a man contacted our office about something that […]

Can you get workers’ comp and unemployment at the same time in Michigan?

What disabled employees need to know so they can get workers’ comp and unemployment at the same time. Getting hurt at work can turn your life upside down. Paychecks stop when your job refuses to accommodate restrictions. Finical responsibilities continue despite no money coming into the household. How are you going to pay the rent […]

Recording Independent Medical Examinations: A Warning For Claimants

Recording independent medical examinations is not allowed under Michigan workers’ comp but there are other ways to protect legal rights. We have written several blog posts about the independent medical examination and how it is used against people. It is a real shame because many people believe this is a second opinion from someone who […]

Permanent Work Restrictions and Michigan Workers’ Comp: What You Need To Know

Available benefits that can help a disabled employee transition to a new career when they have permanent work restrictions under workers’ comp. Many of our clients have been doing heavy work for their entire lives. Getting hurt on-the-job can be a life changing event. This is especially true when an employee ends up with permanent […]

Do I have to use vacation time if I’m out because of a work related injury?

Vacation time and sick time are considered “wage continuation” and generally not recoverable under Michigan workers’ comp law. Our clients frequently want to know if they have to use vacation time if they are out because of work related injury. This concern arises when they get hurt on-the-job and miss a small amount of time […]

Payroll Fraud in Michigan: New Legislation To Increase Penalties

State lawmakers propose crackdown on payroll fraud in Michigan and its potential impact on workers’ compensation claims. NPR is reporting on new legislation that would increase penalties on businesses that commit payroll fraud in Michigan. Sponsors of the legislation claim the current system lets crooked companies steal millions of dollars owed in wages and overtime […]

Workers’ comp insurance companies in Michigan: 10 secrets they don’t want you to know

Michigan lawyer exposes secrets that workers’ comp insurance companies in Michigan don’t want you to know and explains how to protect legal rights. Employees hurt on-the-job in Michigan are entitled to receive workers’ comp benefits. This includes lost wages, medical treatment, and vocational rehabilitation. Unfortunately, workers’ comp insurance companies in Michigan look for any excuse […]

Workers’ compensation and seasonal employment

What do teachers, road construction workers, landscapers, truck drivers, professional athletes, and other seasonal employees need to know about their workers’ compensation benefits in Michigan? Summer is coming to its end and the weather is changing quickly. This means teachers are back to school for another year. Orange barrels are disappearing as road construction winds […]