What Happens At A Workers’ Comp Settlement Hearing?

Work injury lawyer discusses what happens at a Michigan workers’ comp settlement hearing (aka redemption hearing) and how payout awards get approved or denied.

What Happens At A Workers’ Comp Settlement Hearing?

Employees who get hurt on-the-job are protected under Michigan law. It covers all reasonable and necessary medical treatment for life. It also pays wage loss benefits to employees who are disabled for as long as they are in the workforce. Many of our clients want to settle a work injury claim for a lump sum cash payment. This is an attractive option because it allows a person to move on with their life. Here is what happens at a Michigan workers’ comp settlement hearing.

What happens at a workers comp settlement hearing?

In Michigan, all lump sum cash payments must be approved by a magistrate and this happens at a workers’ comp settlement hearing (aka redemption hearing). During this meeting, the facts of the case and medical records will be presented. The magistrate needs to find that a lump sum cash payment serves the purpose of the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act, is just and proper, and in the employee’s best interests. It must also be voluntary entered into and legal rights need to be fully explained.

What determines if a payout amount will be approved or denied?

In deciding what happens at a Michigan workers’ comp settlement hearing will depend on the specific facts that the magistrate will want to know about the claim. This will determine if the amount awarded will be approved or denied. For example, the extent of disability, any other benefits payable and the effect a settlement might have, intended use of the settlement proceeds. Medical records will also be reviewed. A lump sum cash payment will be denied if it does not appear to be appropriate under the circumstances.

A person is usually required to appear and testify on their behalf. It is important not to rely upon insurance company lawyers to get the lump sum cash payment approved. They typically do not have best interests at heart and will not fully explain all legal rights. Just because a magistrate approves a lump sump cash payment does not mean that it represents maximum value or that problems with other benefits will not develop in the future.

Hire an experienced work injury lawyer to increase the value of your case

We recommend hiring an experienced work injury lawyer before discussing payout amounts with the insurance company. What happens if you are represented by an experienced attorney at a Michigan workers’ comp settlement hearing? Well, they can make the case more valuable by developing medical and vocational evidence. This means more money in an individual’s pocket. Attorney fees are limited to a relatively small percentage of the total and will be easily made up through higher a payout amount. There is never an attorney fee if a lump sum cash payment or award is not obtained.

The magistrate will typically accept an affidavit in lieu of appearance so a person does not have to attend and testify. The lawyer will take care of all the documents and make sure no problems occur in the future. The lawyer can also convince a reluctant magistrate to approve the lump sump cash payment without tipping off the insurance company that a person is ready to move on to another job.

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