Injured on the job in Michigan

Our workers comp lawyers answer common questions about what to do, whether you qualify for workers compensation and your employer’s responsibility

The pages below have vital information on what happens when you’ve been injured on the job, including advice on how workers compensation comes into play and what you should do now.

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I got hurt at work in Michigan, what should I do now?

Follow these three simple steps to help begin your recovery after an on-the-job injury.

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Do I qualify for workers compensation in Michigan?

A workmans comp lawyer answers frequently asked questions on who can receive work comp.

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What is my employer responsibility regarding Michigan workers comp?

Read about what your employer must do for you when you’re injured at work.

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Does my employer have to hold my job while I’m on workers compensation?

Our workmans comp lawyers say no, but there are things to you can do to keep your job and protect yourself if you’re unfairly terminated.

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Can I be forced back to work?

Why you can’t legally be forced back to work, but should try jobs offered by your employer.

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Help from our Michigan work comp lawyers

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