What to do if your Michigan workers comp claim is denied

How to protect yourself when your workers compensation claim is denied or disputed, and injuries that your insurance company or employer will commonly fight

If your workers compensation benefits have been disputed or denied for no reason, our workers comp attorneys can help. You’re probably in pain, worried about providing for your family and unsure what to do next. This resource center will help you understand your options.

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When your Michigan work comp claim is disputed
Advice on what to do if you receive a Notice of Dispute — or if your workers compensation benefits are terminated.

Your Michigan workers compensation injury
Information about common on-the-job injuries, issues that arise in work comp and how to protect yourself.

Has your Michigan workers compensation claim been denied or disputed?

We have been protecting injured employees like you for more than 35 years, and we will not allow your insurance company or employer to play games with your workers compensation benefits.

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