How Michigan workers compensation can protect you after an at-work injury

All about the workers comp law, employer responsibility, workers compensation benefits and your medical treatment

There’s so much to think about when you’ve been hurt on the job. Who will cover your medical care? How will you pay the bills? How is your employer required to help? The resource center below is designed to answer your most pressing questions about your work comp protections.

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Understanding Michigan workers compensation laws

Workers comp lawyers explain how the work comp system can help you after an at-work injury, how the law applies to you, who is considered disabled and injuries that usually are not covered.

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Injured on the job in Michigan

Our workers comp lawyers answer common questions about what to do after a work injury, whether you qualify for workers compensation and your employer’s responsibility.

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Your Michigan workers compensation benefits

How wage loss, medical and vocational rehabilitation benefits can help you if you’re hurt on the job.

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Your medical care and Michigan workmans comp

While all medical expenses are covered for injured Michigan workers, we’re providing additional information on treatment options, the IME and how your health insurance comes into play.

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